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TriSports Kuota K-Factor Tri Bike - Ultegra 6700

TriSports Kuota K-Factor Tri Bike - Ultegra 6700

Detalles del Producto TriSports Kuota K-Factor Tri Bike - Ultegra 6700

Kuota K-Factor Tri Bike - Ultegra 6700The Kuota K-Factor is a triathlon bike for the rest of us. It is the thinking man's triathlon bike. If you are an unpretentious shopper you'll see the logic in the Kuota K-Factor. This is a bike for how we really ride.First, Let's talk about how most of us actually use a triathlon bike: If your goals are your first sprint triathlon all the way up to Ultra-Distance but you don't think you'll be giving a podium speech or booking a flight to Kona the Kuota K-Factor is a strong candidate. The Kuota K-Factor is designed for a more comfortable, real world, upright aerodynamic position. You won't need 8cm of spacers and a high rise stem to get comfortable. The higher cockpit position is easier to stay in for longer rides. The carbon fiber construction provides good bottom bracket stiffness but the realistic shape isn't built just for good aerodynamics or comfort but for optimal, real world bike position. To understand the Kuota K-Factor it is important to understand what it isn't: The Kuota K-Factor won't win any contests in the wind tunnel. It does not have the lowest drag coefficient. If your single goal is to have the lowest drag coefficient the K-Factor isn't for you. If you need a comfortable, real-world, performance oriented position the K-Factor is a good fit. Since comfort is so important during the bike leg of a triathlon you will likely be faster on a bike you are most comfortable on.The Kuota K-Factor is designed for comfort in the real world: The way we really ride. If you are doing events where you have to ride from 1 hour to over 6 hours you need comfort. The higher head tube and comfort shaped tubing on the Kuota K-Factor is designed for riders who will average under 21 M.P.H. at longer distance triathlons and maybe just a trifle over 21 M.P.H. at their fastest, shorter events. For anyone under these speeds the K-Factor is a slam-dunk winner. If you look at the average bike split speeds at most triathlons this describes 85% of the field- and probably you. The irony of this design and geometry approach is that you will likely be faster on the K-Factor than a bike with a lower head tube. On flat terrain at high speeds, and on rolling terrain when speed comes down and comfort reigns supreme the K-Factor provides a perfect balanace of comfort, aerodynamics and fit.The newly evolved one piece molded carbon fiber frameset uses integrated internal cable routing, a carbon fiber monocoque SL fork and a conventional bolt on rear derailleur hanger for durability and crash survivability.This frame is not only functional from a fit and position perspective it is also mechnaically easy to maintain and even pack in a flight case. There are even two sets of conventional, down tube and seat tube mounted water bottle braze-on mounts. The fork and rear wheel dropouts are both aluminum for added durability. The component spec on the Kuota K-Factor continues the workman like theme with Shimano's functional Ultegra drivetrain turning a nice Truvativ Elita crankset pantographed with the Kuota logo. Shifters are the Shimano Dura-Ace 10-speed mounted on a fine, highly adjustable Profile Design T2+ aerobar with T2 Wing base bars. The bike stops on custom Kuota pantographed dual pivot calipers by TRP that use alloy barrel adjusters. You sit on Selle San Marco's Trilon triathlon specific saddle clamped to a micro adjust seatpost with significant fore/aft adjustment for a wide range of effective seat tube angles. The bike rolls on a pair of Easton's sublime Circuit wheels. This is a truly nice wheel configuration with numerous details and benefits. If you look closely you will notice that the non-drive side spokes are black anodized alloy and the drive side spokes are traditional nickel. This reduces critical rotating weight at the rim for better acceleration and braking. The rear wheel is further fortified by using a reinforced two-cross spoking pattern on the drive side for greater durability and lateral stiffness and a shorter, direct pull spoke laced radially on the non-drive side for weight savings. There are 28 durable, double butted stainless steel spokes on the rear wheel to balance excellent durability with light weight. These are precision, hand built wheels protected under U.S. Patent 5487592. A CNC machined parallel brake track improves braking performance. The front wheel is an all radially laced spoking pattern with 24 spokes running high tension on all-alloy nipples for optimum aerodynamics and light weight with real-world durability even for heavy riders. Rim section is 28mm deep with a weight of only 1650 grams. Hubs are also CNC machined turning on sealed precision cartridge bearings and protected by an alloy dust cap. The tyres on the Kuota K-Factor are another delight- these are the very best of the original equipment tyres. The Hutchinson Equinox uses a genuine Kevlar flat resistant belt encased in a 2 component tread for maximum traction in all conditions and minimum rolling resistance. The 66 T.P.I. casing helps maintain tire pressure. As viewed from the front the unique droplet cross section of the tyres manage cornering and reduce rolling resistance. Compared to other original equipment bicycle tyres the Hutchinson Equinox Kevlar is remarkable and feature-packed. If you conduct your research with an eye on the real-world usability of your next bike the Kuota K-Factor will emerge as a logical, functional and well evolved. Build Kit Specifications Groupset SHIMANO ULTEGRA 6700 Front Derailleur SHIMANO ULTEGRA 6700 Rear Derailleur SHIMANO ULTEGRA 6700 Shifters Shimano Dura-Ace Crank SRAM Elita Cassette Shim 105 Cassette 12x25t Chain KMC CHAIN Brakes Tektro 570 General Specs Headset Kuota 1 1/8 Basebar T2 AIRWINGS Extension PROFILE EXTENSION T1 Brake Lever KUOTA Brake Lever Stem PROFILE H2OS STEM OR ARIS Saddle San Marco Trillon TT WHEELSET Wheelset SHIMANO R500 AERO WHEEL Tires Vittoria Zaphiro Pro Want to spec your bike differently? Give us a call at 1-888-293-3934! Components are subject to substitution based on availability, if this occurs parts of equal or greater value will be substituted. Frame size Seat Tube Top Tube Seat Tube Angle Head Tube Head Tube Angle BB Drop Front-Center Chainstay Wheelbase Standover Height Frame weight Wheel Size XS 43 49 78 108.5 72 4 57.6 37.5 94.7 66.4 1260 650 Small 51.5 52 76 125 72 7.2 58.6 39.9 97.4 73 1320 700 Medium 54.5 54 76 135 72 7.2 60.4 39.9 99.2 75.4 1360 700 Large 56.5 56 76 150 73 7 61.8 39.9 100.6 77.5 1395 700 XL 58.5 57.5 76 160 73 6.8 63.4 39.9 102.3 79.1 1435 700
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